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In the Alihsa Erotic Massage Center in Valencia, we have taken great care to select the most professional and educated masseuses, with a sweet and charming character, they are also gorgeous. Our erotic masseuses are constantly training in tantric massage in order to please each of our clients’ expectations. It is our intention to make you feel peaceful sensations through our wide range of erotic massages.

Novelty! OASIS


We present this exotic brunette with pronounced curves and beautiful features. Oasis has a beautiful mix with European Latin features, beautiful and abundant mane, cinnamon skin and large, expressive eyes. She is a beautiful brunette with professional angel hands in tantric massage. Come and meet her at our center. We assure you that you will be delighted to put yourself in their hands where you will really feel in an oasis of total pleasure.

Novelty! JIN JU


We present to you our most recent incorporation Jin Ju. It is a girl of Japanese origin that is characterized by its elegance and delicacy. It has a beautiful and sweet oriental face, apart from having magical hands for massage. She knows how to use her entire body and hands very well, using Japanese techniques that only she can show you.
In her hands you will transport yourself to another level since she is very knowledgeable about tantric massage, where she delivers everything. We assure you that a massage session with Jin Ju is something you will not forget and where you will enjoy the great pleasures of a true tantric massage.
Our Jin Ju comes from being part of the busiest tantric massage centers of some points of U.S. He speaks perfectly English and Spanish. Come and enjoy an unforgettable tantric massage session with her, we assure you that you will be delighted and repeat. It is another level for the great connoisseurs and lovers of tantric massage.


Sonia is a spectacular girl, with a long black tan skin, Beautiful and pronounced curves. She has a beautiful face with big expressive eyes, overflows sympathy as soon as she meets her. Sonia loves tantric massage where she wraps you with her subtle movements and beautiful body. Sonia is available every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.



Deya is a beautiful blonde, thin and tall, with long hair. With pronounced and beautiful curves. She is a girl who squanders elegance and glamor upon seeing her. He has a very kind and subtle personality. It perfectly uses your entire stylized body to make you feel unique sensations. It is a great specialist in hand-to-hand massage. With it you will enjoy a unique connection and a beautiful massage. You will surely be fascinated with Deya. We invite you to meet her (she speaks English and Italian).



Monica is an angelic and innocent girl. It is characterized by its sweet and calm character. It has a harmonious and thin body. He loves massage and has hands made especially for it. Monica is a great connoisseur of massage and specialist in lingam and melee massage. We are sure that you will like to enjoy a massage session on your hands.



Hema is an exuberant brunette who knows a lot about mutual tantric massage. He knows very well how to move his entire lush body with extremely sensual movements that will take you to the limit. She is also one of our star masseurs in couples massages. He loves eroticism. Come and meet her.



She is a lovely girl, dedicated to massage and a great professional of tantra massage. He has a professional career of more than eight years. He knows how to use his hands and the beautiful curves of his entire body very well.


Yanira is a brunette with beautiful features, full of vitality and energy. She is a great connoisseur of mutual tantric massage, she knows how to use her beautiful body very well to explore yours perfectly with her posture and movements. It is a whirlwind full of energy, with it you will spend an unforgettable moment. Always with a smile on your face to make your massage a magical moment.


Sofia is a beautiful blonde with angel hands, beautiful curves and beautiful face. Specialist in tantric massage and Nuru massage.


Laura is a brunette with long hair and lush body, with only 24 years she is an expert in Nuru massage and hot stones.



Adrián is a masseuse like few, elegant of spectacular fitness body. He is a lover of good, tantric massages where he gives all his dedication to please you to the fullest and take you to another level. Come and meet him you will love it. Adrián works with previous appointments from 10 to 21 at night.



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There are many things to try at least once in a lifetime, however, none comes close to a seductive, sensual and exciting massage in Alihsa with one of our beautiful professionals. There are many sites that offer tantric massage, erotic, nuru, melee, lingam, four hands, etc … However, they do not even come close to the sublime pleasures we have here in Alihsa Valencia. Our magnificent selection of girls will shake your legs with the light contact of your soft and flexible pile.



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