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Enjoy New Tantric Massages

Our masseuses will make your tantric massage a unique experience of sensuality and eroticism. You will live moments of total disconnection and pleasure, alone or as a couple. We have male masseurs for men or women for women and we adapt to you and your schedules. Discover the new tantric massages, it will be different from everything you've tried before.

Novelty! Alihsa Premium Massage «Exfoliation and aromatherapy»

60 minutos 170€

Let yourself be accompanied by the fantastic hands of our masseurs in this massage. The client will start by entering the shower to relax in the company of the masseuse, who will apply our organic exfoliating gel throughout his body. Our masseuse will perform circular movements and with very little pressure and quite delicacy with a disposable sponge throughout the client’s skin, thus performing a massage in the shower very pleasant and beneficial for your skin. This will prepare the client’s entire body and senses before proceeding to hand-to-hand massage on the futon. It will be a great explosion of new sensations and relaxation. In addition, you will enjoy the pleasure of feeling the combination of odors that we offer with this massage in the salon. Along with aromatherapy, the masseuse uses her entire body next to yours by adding placid additional postures and Thai techniques with her legs. It is a whole set of pleasant sensations that will take you to the extreme limit of your thoughts with our masseuse. Try it, you will surely love it.

Novelty! Tantratibet massage

80 minutes 180€

If you wish to include an erotic shower with the masseuses 200€

Enjoy an extremely sensual, soft and harmonious massage accompanied by the sound of Tibetan bowls. This massage is beneficial for your body, it helps remarkably to improve stress and release tension from the hands of our beautiful masseurs. Both bodies will be in complete rapport merging into a relaxing and pleasant tantric massage. The masseuse applies additional postures with a personal touch, since we have created this massage directly in our center. Discover the sensuality and sweetness of our professional masseuses.

Novelty! Alihsa Massage “Hot Stones”

60 minutes 200€

90 Minutes 250€

Our masseuse will use your entire naked body through your entire body, gently stroking all the erogenous points and most sensitive areas, accompanied by hot stones that will make you feel unique and extremely pleasant sensations. You will achieve maximum relaxation at the end of the massage. The massage includes a 10-minute shower with the masseuse. Try it for sure you will repeat!

Alihsa Relax Massage

60 minutes 50€

Relax and disconnect 1 hour from the stressful working hours and daily life.The masseuse performs this massage in a uniform from the center, starting from the tip of your toes to the head, with synchronized and smooth movements.

“Oferta de apertura” 15 minutes of treatment with volcanic stones.


Alihsa expressive hands massage

Futon 110€

40 minutes 60€

60 minutes 100€

This massage is ideal for lovers of manual perceptions. In this massage the masseuse explores and touches all the erogenous areas of your entire body, discovering such sensitive points throughout your body that you didn’t even know, taking you with your manual touches to the maximum pleasure. The masseuse comes in underwear.


Masaje Lingam

40 minutes 80€

60 minutes 120€

Our expert masseuses know all your erogenous points. The massage is centered on the legs and buttocks (the most sensitive areas of the male body) and includes elements of the melee massage and exclusive techniques for the intimate area. Ask for your Lingam massage to improve erection and sexual performance!

Alihsa connection massage

40 minutes 110€

60 minutes 150€

It is a melee massage where the postures and movements of the masseuse are highly sensual and erotic. It includes techniques such as tantric postures, thai with legs and hand-to-hand massage. Choose our interactive version where you can gently caress the body of masseuse, which will go only in tanguita.

Alihsa mutual Neotantra massage

40 minutes 130€

60 minutes 180€

If you have a fetish and want to make your fantasy come true, let us know and we’ll make you enjoy like never before! Get carried away by the caresses of our attractive masseuses. This massage includes a shower with the 10-minute massage therapist.

Paradise Alihsa Massage

150 minutes 240€

This massage is extremely sensual. The masseuse will use her entire body in different postures and touches, thus crossing all areas of your body without letting one escape. Only she together with all your limbs will take you to the maximum of the pleasures of Tantra paradise. This massage lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. It includes a 15-minute shower with the masseuse, and two endings in the times you choose, you can also choose the masseuse.

Alihsa massage for women

40 minutes 100€

60 minutes 120€

Erotic massage is of all women’s sexual fantasies, the most publicly recognized. a secret with voices. When a woman dreams of receiving a sensual ritual, what she seeks is to immerse herself in an atmosphere of eroticism to experience with all her senses the pleasure of rubbing soft and strong hands. The experience of an erotic massage for women done by a professional will change substantially if you compare it with that of your partner or someone already known and amateur. Without a doubt, resorting to a professional is a guarantee of quality.

Alihsa four-hand massage

60 minutes 270€

Two masseuses You would like to experience new sensations and explore all the limits of this exciting experience with two of our beautiful masseurs at the same time. They will take you to another plane feeling pleasure in all its splendor. You’ll love it.

Alihsa couple massage

60 minutes 250€

If what you are looking for is to experience a new sensation with your partner in massages, in Alihsa we make it a reality for both of us. We strive to make this moment a deal full of pleasure and rapport for you and your partner. This massage is fortifying to strengthen intimate ties between the two. At the end of the massage we leave you 20 more minutes alone for your maximum privacy. In this massage you can choose boy or girl, it is your choice.

Masaje masculino Alihsa

60 minutes 150€

40 minutes 120€

Because in Alihsa massages we think of each and every one of our clients, we could not fail to please all the men who wish to experience a massage with another boy and try new sensations. Do not stay with the desire to live that experience with one of our handsome masseuses. Come and enjoy this sensation to the fullest, we will take care of everything to please you.

Nuru Alihsa massage

60 minutes 260€

Nuru Massage, or sliding gel massage, is a type of massage that has become popular in recent years, perhaps because of the morbid component involved in this type of massage, but also because of widespread publicity in various media and massage centers.

The term “nuru nuru” is believed to be a Japanese expression that means “slip”, “slippery” … although it may also be related to the word “nori”, which in Japanese means “seaweed”, since an extract of some kind of seaweed would be used to produce this gel.

The gel that is usually applied in nuru massage is transparent, odorless, colorless and tasteless; It must be hypoallergenic and has a very thick texture but at the same time flexible, elastic and catchy, which is not quickly absorbed by the skin so as not to grease it and that a simple dose of gel is sufficient to develop the techniques, without having to replenish substance constantly. Even so, given the continuous sliding techniques that are imparted over the entire body of the massage receiver, the gel is applied generously and abundantly on the skin of the person and the masseuse, until it can slide throughout the body of the receiver, face down and upside down, changing positions in a graceful and stimulating way, without suffering friction, whenever you want.

The nuru massage is a melee massage that develops between two people completely naked or almost, so that the clothes do not interfere with the slide the masseuse will use hands, feet, legs, buttocks, breasts, inner thighs, knees … both stroking and pressing, brushing, squeezing, imprisoning and wrapping the massage recipient in a delightful sensation.

It is recommended that because of this, both previously take a long-lasting bath in very hot waters, to clean the skin well, open the pores, relax the muscles, prepare the epidermis for sensations and friction, warm the body and calm the mind.In addition to this way the antioxidant and nourishing properties of the gel will be transferred more easily through the skin of the massage recipient.

The best place to receive this nuru massage is on a comfortable, flexible, waterproof and easy to clean surface. These massages can become a bit “dangerous” if we do not take into account that if the surface is also slippery, at a moment of momentum during the massage we can stop braking and leave projected outside the futon or special mat arranged for massages.


4 and 6 hands massage

This massage is undoubtedly the best of our entire menu. You will enjoy for 1 hour and 20 minutes of the company and the delicate hands of 2 or 3 of our masseurs of your choice. This massage will explode your senses with the incredible sensation of feeling all your hands and bodies running through all the extremities of yours where not even a millimeter of your skin will escape. During the massage, the masseuses will use their hands, arms, legs and all their beautiful torsos to touch yours with a special and unique touch of each of them. You will enjoy during the entire massage session perceiving not only the pleasure of the massage but also delicious smells with our aroma therapy ritual. This is a massage with great load of eroticism and high quality. No doubt the dream of many and here in our center we have it for you. Let your thoughts be released and climb to the top trying this great massage that will undoubtedly make you vibrate with pleasure next to our beautiful masseuses, they will take you to another plane enjoying this unique moment. If you are looking for the ideal, elegant, clean place with beautiful and professional girls to fulfill this dream you have found it come to visit Alihsa Massages we will make sure that this moment is unique and special for you.

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